Right before the leaves fell completely, I went to Mackworth Island in Falmouth with the Steven’s.  I’ve known Stratton and Charlie since they were very little and it was great to meet the rest of this wonderful family.

Stevens-1 Stevens-2 Stevens-3 Stevens-4 Stevens-5 Stevens-6 Stevens-7 Stevens-8 Stevens-9 Stevens-10 Stevens-11 Stevens-12 Stevens-13 Stevens-14 Stevens-15 Stevens-16 Stevens-17 Stevens-18 Stevens-19 Stevens-20 Stevens-21 Stevens-22 Stevens-23 Stevens-24 Stevens-25 Stevens-26 Stevens-27 Stevens-28 Stevens-29 Stevens-30 Stevens-31 Stevens-32 Stevens-33 Stevens-34 Stevens-35 Stevens-36 Stevens-37 Stevens-38 Stevens-39 Stevens-40Stevens-41