Kat and Eddy traveled from Boston for these perfectly Portland Maine spring engagement photos.  It was perfect timing, just a day after the cherry blossoms came out.  I’m so sweet on these photos… they are quiet and calm, I think they truly reflect how kind and loving Kat and Eddy are to eachother.

We strolled the neighborhood, which Kat had picked because she’s an urban planner and loves the architecture, around the East End and the beach.  Talking about all the historic New England architecture, brick lined sidewalks, and the new buildings and changes that the area has seen.

I was born on the peninsula of Portland, my parents met working in Portland.  Some favorite memories of mine are centered around the neighborhood I live in now, the East End.  My family picking up Italian sandwiches and eating them in a car-picnic-style on the Eastern Promenade when it was still too chilly to be outside and we still called the neighborhood Munjoy Hill.  Going grocery shopping at the East End Green Grocer with my Mom, always a guaranteed treat on that adventure.  Or my first kiss as a teenager, overlooking the ocean from the grass.  Fast forward and the neighborhood has changed so much, I’ve celebrated my birthdays here, rents have gone up a bajillion times, building have been demolished, I’ve moved and moved again, and now some of my dearest friends live around the corner or down the hill with their kids.  Every year I still get just as excited when the cherry blossoms and the other trees start to bloom, and when I pull out my bike for the first Spring joy ride, or when the neighborhood shuts down for 4th of July Fireworks.

It was really nice to share and photograph in this place that I live and love so much.  Thanks Kat and Eddy!