You didn’t see this coming when you imagined your 2020 wedding… here we are in the midst of a global pandemic.  So much is changing so quickly, but remember that we are in this together! 

My heart is breaking for you if you have to postpone or change your wedding, but know that you will still get married and it will be an amazing experience that’s about love, even if it’s on a different date than you planned, or in a different format.  You are doing the right thing making decisions that protect the safety of your community.

What you need to know:


What is your rescheduling policy for 2020 weddings?

Saturday 2020 wedding photography can be rescheduled to an alternate Saturday with 12 months of the original date and all payments and retainers will transfer with a fee of $700 for peak date preference and yearly rate increases.

Reschedule to a November – March date  with no fee*

Reschedule to a Monday – Friday date with no fee*

We decided we need to reschedule, what next?

Tell your wedding planner.

Immediately reach out to all of your vendors with a nice e-mail letting them know you are rescheduling and asking for their rescheduling policies & their availability.  If you have certain vendors that are a priority to work with, let them know that so they can best help you.  Do no pick a new date before talking with your preferred vendors about their availability.

See Sarah’s 2020/2021 Saturday availability below!!

Our wedding is in the Fall and we aren’t sure if we should re-schedule.. what should we do?

If it’s within your budget, I would recommend consulting a wedding planner.  I’m happy to provide references to wedding planners and many offer hourly consulting services and will be able to provide you with some fantastic expert information to make that decision.

Should I create a contingency plan?

Absolutely, yes!  If you are potentially going to reschedule your wedding but aren’t certain yet, then it’s time to create a contingency plan so you have all of your vendors and date options prepared in event of needing to reschedule.  It’s possible that not all of your vendors will be available on a Saturday, and you made need to decide based on which vendors are a priority.

Also consider rescheduling your wedding to other days of the week, weekday and Sunday weddings are common (and given the global crisis, your guests will understand and be very accomodating).  It is much more likely your venue will be available, and much easier to reschedule your preferred vendors on a Sunday or weekday.

We still want to get married in  2020, and have our wedding reception next year.  Can you photograph or film the ceremony?

We would love to!!  So long as state-mandated gathering restrictions allow us, we fully plan to photograph and film intimate elopements and wedding ceremonies is 2020.  Ask Sarah for more information on how to add on ceremony photography or videography!

Because so many of our couples will be having intimate ceremonies, we are also offering a ceremony High-Quality Live Stream add-on so that family and friends can join the wedding ceremony virtually.

What if I need to cancel and not reschedule?

You will be refunded any payments you’ve made beyond the 50% retainer.



Sarah’s Available Saturdays:


















9/6 * Monday of Labor Day Weekend






What are you and your team doing to manage Covid19?

On a daily basis, I’m consulting the CDC, state and local guidelines for events as they adapt to the growing crisis.  I am abreast and up to date on how we can and cannot safely operate at photographers/videographers.  Personally, myself and my team are using extreme precautions, working remotely with quarantine and social distancing and canceling all activities and booking that don’t meet the guidelines.  We take the pandemic and our health incredibly seriously.  And always we have back up photographers and videographers, in case of emergency.

We are staying positive…

There aren’t words for how crazy this all is!  Know that we are in it together, and my team is still cheering you on.  We want to be there to capture the joy of your wedding or elopement when it happens.