A classic New England fall wedding, yes — but Bryn and Andrew’s celebration was also so much more. Every part of my heart was in photographing this day.  Bryn and Andrew, you are magic. 

When I first heard about what these two were planning, I imagined a late fall celebration in the English countryside, on a misty day.  Take that, transplant it to where the woods meet the coast in Maine, mix in their deep New England roots, a sprinkling of their European and Scottish heritage, and you’ve got an amazing wedding.

Bryn’s vows pulled at my heart strings, maybe it’s the thousand different people inside me that relate. I’m so happy that she’s letting me share them here.  Scroll down to the bottom to read.

“In my life, I have never really known how to be one person. I am of the fervent belief that I am actually a thousand different people, seeking out and yearning for a thousand different lives. And I often travel miles in my mind without telling anyone where I’ve gone, only sometimes excluding you.

I have a pension for restlessness, and so I thought that, maybe, that meant I wasn’t created for marriage – how could I expect someone to understand, let alone love all of these fragments.

Andrew, from the very instant we met you have been silently, stubbornly and persistently crafting for me, a home. You’ve moved slowly and intently, building walls to shield me, rooms to comfort me, and floors to shepherd me, as my invisible carpenter. You’ve never shied from my desire to experience more, and bore the burden on your shoulders to ensure I could do just that. You’ve made it so that whenever I’m eager to leave, I always get to bring a home with me.

You were laying this groundwork long before I caught up.  When everything became real with us, I had a moment. First: panic. For me, love had become about dominance and leverage, about falling, without refuge, down and down and down. It was never about balance, something we had in spades.

After the initial wave of nausea subsided, there was this image, of you. Of you, late in life, tired, happy, and still. I thought about who would be there with you, in that moment. When the world went quiet and you were taking stock of what your presence had meant. And it had to be me.

I have to be there. I have to be there for all of it: this adventure. For this man who was uncertain about so many things but certain about me. For this man whose head is made of stars and whose unwavering loyalty, and warmth, is dazzling and overwhelming and pushy. For this man who built me a house.

So, today, Andrew, I vow this: that I will take you with me everywhere I go in this life, and I promise to go with you wherever you choose to be. If you’ll take me.”


Assistant Photographer – Michael Rowley

Florist – Moonset Farm Florals

Caterer – Camp O-At-Ka

DJ – Dionne Entertainment/DJs Maine

Videographer – Avari Studios

Bartender – TnT Event Services Maine

Rentals – A Family Affair of Maine

Officiant – Father Samuel Henderson of St. Luke’s Cathedral

Hair & Makeup – Ollo Hair Salon

Cake & Desserts – Grant’s Bakery

Dress & Shoes – Judd Waddell & Kate Spade & J.Crew

Bridesmaids Dresses –  J. Crew

Groom – Bonobos  & Ted Baker

Paper Products – Laura Marr Printing, Venamour

Linens – La Tavola
Groomsmen –  J. Crew, Banana Republic

Black & white photography always has such a genuine, romantic feel to it. These are all great.

Thank you for visiting Cait! I totally agree.