This was such an awesome weekend, I got to photograph this Martha’s Vineyard destination wedding.  I learned a few integral things about planning to go to a wedding at The Vineyard on Memorial Day Weekend.  First of all, everyone and their sister is going to the island so leave early!  Friday traffic is insane.  And even if you think you are leaving early enough, leave earlier.  I speak from very real experience of getting stuck in 6 hours of traffic.

Secondly, plan for your parking.  I’m sure island veterans know all about this, but there is a parking-lot about two miles down the road from the ferry where you can park your car and be shuttled to the ferry.  This is the best option, as parking near the ferry is limited and pricier.  There are some Airbnb’s on Island, I stayed at one that was incredibly sweet and centrally located.  That brings me to the next thing.

The island is BIG.  It didn’t seem that way to me at first, but if you are wanting to get around from event to event at private homes, you’ll need a car or to have a taxis phone number.

KD Events was on design and planning, Kristen and her team are incredibly talented.  They put together a beautifully modern, and yet classic wedding for this couple from Brooklyn.  I really loved the table scapes and the bride’s dress from Loulette Bride was stunning.  I look forward to photographing the next Martha’s Vineyard wedding!  Missing the island already.

And if you go, don’t miss Waterside Market for coffee and breakfast.  Lots of gluten free options!