There’s a backstory to this session… skip ahead to the end if you want to know!  Mount Pleasant is such a beautiful neighborhood.  We did this at home family session with Judy and her two nieces, Annie & Sally.  Dad dropped in at the tail end.  The family lives in Washington DC and Judy’s home is a beautiful, historic brick building in the North West.  We had planned for this session to be as authentic as possible, the girls choose their outfits; Annie in her baseball clothes and Sally in a jungle dress and sparkly shoes.  Everyone was in their element.  Yogurt moustaches stayed with us all day, and tons of fun and laughs were had.

20160507-FJ0A3236-2 20160507-FJ0A3244 20160507-FJ0A3261 20160507-FJ0A3304 20160507-FJ0A3310 20160507-FJ0A3317 20160507-FJ0A3321 20160507-FJ0A3342 20160507-FJ0A3343 20160507-FJ0A3348 20160507-FJ0A3353 20160507-FJ0A3396 20160507-FJ0A3398 20160507-FJ0A3422 20160507-FJ0A3426 20160507-FJ0A3482 20160507-FJ0A3502 20160507-FJ0A3515 20160507-FJ0A3528 20160507-FJ0A3534 20160507-FJ0A3541The day I arrived in DC, my first stop was to find one of the last remaining camera shops in the city.  Pro Photo is in the downtown area and is a self proclaimed fourth generation shop.  I was in search of a beater lens to dismantle and use for freelensing; a way of creating blurred planes of focus.  I met met Dickran, this friendly Armenian camera store owner, was invited into the back of his shop to the repair table, and he gifted me a wonderful lens that I shot most of this family session with.  Dickran, the owner, shared story of his family starting the a camera shop in Ethiopia four generations ago, where his mother became the King’s personal photographer.  First new friend in DC.  Big thanks to Pro Photo DC for sharing stories and taking apart lenses with me! 20160506-FJ0A3229 20160506-FJ0A323220160506-FJ0A3226