Family Portraits

Sarah Morrill Photography captures the authentic joy of motherhood and family.  She documents your family’s bond, and your little ones as they quickly grow and transform.  Sarah believes that making portraits should be a fun and intimate experience that is comfortable and natural for everyone.  She loves children, and is interested in unique and beautiful stories.

Family Portrait collections begin at $550

We offer a curated selection of archival prints, photo books, and gifts along with your session.

New England, Maine, New York City, and worldwide.

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A note from Sarah:
When I was tiny, my Mum used to read me this poem from one of our favorite children’s books:
I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.
When families come to meet me for a portrait session, they do their hair, dress in their favorite outfits, and parents bring expectations.  These are totally natural ideas about what how the kids will look, how they should behave for a “good” photo, and even ideas about what a good smile is. The fact is that what’s beautiful about life is not what we control, it’s our unconditional love for our families and ourselves as we are.  I have so many helpful hints to deal with this, but the truth is that, while I’m an experienced and talented photographer, my skill and talent lie in my ability to hold space for you and your family to be yourselves and to capture your joy and unconditional love.

Thank You Note:

We absolutely love having you take our family photos. Getting to spend some time with you (even if it is only a few minutes) makes it even better. We also appreciate you taking the time to do the group shots. You do really great work and I'm constantly in awe of your talent.

- Melanie


Thank You Note:

They’re beautiful! I don’t know how we’ll choose what goes on the Christmas card, we love them all so much!

- The Bangor-Sullivan Family