Maya and Sean are two amazing, talented friends of mine.  I see Maya when I make it into the pottery studio from time to time, and you can see her beautiful ceramics at Made By Maya.

      Two weeks ago they welcomed baby Joan, and in celebration I want to share their beautiful and personal maternity session.  Thank you for this Maya and Sean!  They wanted their photographs in their neighborhood, the East End of Portland.  We also took a couple of photographs in a wool cape that has been passed down through Sean’s family and was worn by his Grandmother when she was pregnant.

      I’ve just started venturing into maternity sessions and have been thinking alot about the stories I tell, for myself and for my clients.  As realists and visual storytellers, we often struggle to find a way convey these truly profound moments through images.  The goal is finding a visual language that communicates the authentic experience of starting a family, having children, joining in a partnership, etc.  As a photographer, it’s my practice to be aware of this delicate balance and I value every opportunity I have to practice and share in these stories for an hour or two.  Hope you enjoy the photographs!

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