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      Larissa and Jos met in Portland and solidified their bond over oysters at Eventide Oyster Co.  I first met them this past Spring on their large acreage of land in Western Maine, where they are building what can best be described as a very remarkable agricultural venture.  Pictures from my visit are here.

      Their land runs along the beautiful Sandy River and Larissa and Jos were married on the banks, followed by an oyster bar on the deck and dinner inside their home.  Before the ceremony we had the chance to photograph in the hay barn and go for a woods walk.  Such a fun day, thank you for sharing with me L&J!

      Even better, there is a beautiful wedding video made by my wonderfully talented friend, James Helms.



      Videographer:  James Helms

      Oyster Bar: Eventide Oyster Co

      Dress: Andrea’s Bridal

      Hair & Makeup: I do Spas

      Custom Bridal Shoes: Shoes of Prey

      Caterer: Bald Mountain Camps