Chris & Bethany’s Destination WeddingButtermilk Falls Inn, NY

Chris and Bethany met in Germany.  Six years into their relationship, they were seriously considering the simplicity of elopement, but couldn’t imagine leaving out their close friends and family.  When they found Buttermilk Falls Inn, an intimate, rural wedding started to make sense.  Friends would fly in from Germany, and family from Long Island could also attend.  All they needed now was a destination wedding photographer who could capture the special moments of their day.

When Bethany contacted me to see if I would be willing to travel for their wedding, we connected over her desire for natural simplicity in photography.  This perfectly encapsulates the wedding.  In all my experience, I have never seen a bride get dressed as quickly as Bethany.  The couple didn’t skip a beat when it rained and they had to change the ceremony and cocktail hour location.  Instead, they poured beers and relaxed with everyone.  I had such fun spending the day with these two, and felt like family by the end of the night!  Enjoy it through my lens.


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